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Research & Test Products

Tools for Learning and Non Destructive Analysis

TLCs are available in a number of different forms and a wide range of products is available, including:

Color-coded array

Standard Products

Product Description Application Code # MSDS Guide
Sprayable TLC Coating
Water Based
Thermal Mapping SPN100 34  RT011
Sprayable TLC Coating
Water Resistant
Thermal Mapping SPN300 34  RT011
Microencapsulated TLC
Slurries Cholesteric
Flow Visualization Studies SLC40 36  RT010
Microencapsulated TLC
Slurries Chiral Nematic
Flow Visualization Studies SLN40 37  RT010
Unsealed TLC
Mixtures Cholesteric
Thermal Mapping UC 39  RT009
Unsealed TLC
Mixtures Chiral Nematic
Thermal Mapping UN 38 RT009
Unsealed TLC Mixtures
Chiral / Cholesteric Combination
Thermal Mapping UX 40 RT009
Solvent Black Backing General Purpose SB 41  RT012
Sprayable Black Backing
Water Based
General Purpose SPB100 42  RT012
Sprayable Black Backing
Water Resistant
General Purpose SPB300 43  RT012
Binder General Purpose TC20 63  RT012
Clear Overcoat
Water Based
General Purpose CC100 46  RT012
Clear Overcoat
Water Resistant
General Purpose CC300 47  RT012
TLC Coated
Polyester Sheets
Thermal Mapping NP12X12 61  RT013

Flow Visualization:

  • Temperature-sensitive and shear-sensitive unsealed LC mixtures for flow visualization in fluids and on solid surfaces
  • Temperature-sensitive microencapsulated TLC slurries for use as tracer particles in fluid flow visualization

Heat Transfer:

  • Temperature-sensitive microencapsulated, TLC coatings for heat transfer studies, thermal mapping and NDT
  • Polyester sheets coated with microencapsulated TLC mixtures for thermal mapping and NDT
  • Compatible black backing paints, protective overcoats and binder systems

Across the range, standard products are available for each application area. Products can also be custom-made to meet specific performance requirements. Full details are given in an information package which is available for download. Guidelines giving advice on how to best use the products are included.

The sale of our products is supported by three reviews of key publications in the open and patent literature; (A) TLC Technology Background; (B) Heat Transfer and Flow Visualization Studies; and (C) Thermal Mapping and NDT Applications. A note on stability is also included - TLC Technical Note (S). All these documents are available for download, together with our principal technical reference document, The LCR Hallcrest Handbook of TLC Technology.

User's Guides and a comprehensive literature review are available as downloads and are designed to provide you with a broad view of Liquid Crystals. Due to the complexity of research projects we cannot provide project related technical support. If further information is required please contact us at


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