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What are Permanent Color Change Pigments & Coatings?

High Temperature Activated, White to Color Pigment, Paint & Ink

Heat sensitive permanent color change ink is used as a process and quality control indicator providing visual evidence of attained high temperature.  Applications include but not limited to metal fabrication and annealing, surface temperature management, machine equipment and operations. Perfect as a compliment to electronic monitoring.

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A Process Control Visual Alert For

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Annealing
  • Surface Temperature
  • Machinery
  • Quality Control


  • High Temperature Activated
  • Water Based Screen and Flexo Ink/Pigment
  • Temperature Range: 60 to 200°C
  • Works Best on a White Background
  • Colors: Standard-White to Magenta & White to Black, 
  • Custom Colors / Temperature Combinations  Available

Gradual Color Change:

Based on K60°C-NH-WB

Color Changing Effects

These aqueous concentrates and inks are thermochromic pigments which develop color when heated above a given activation temperature.

They are a combination of Leuco Dyes, Color Developers and Melt Materials all blended together and then micronized to reduce particle size. This is then combined into a carrier forming an aqueous concentrate which changes from off white to a color permanently when heated above its rating. As temperature increases, color density increases.



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