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Feverscan® Mini Forehead Thermometer

Feverscan® Mini is a personal disposable forehead thermometer specifically designed to be used for workforce and mass temperature screening measures, while assisting institutions with maintaining social distancing.

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Use # Description Scale Range
Disposable Thermometer
Work Force Mass Screening
Thermometers with adhesive box of 100 

Use # Description Scale Range
Reusable Thermometer
School, Work Force Mass Screening
Reusable thermometer with vinyl carrying case
°F  / °C
95-104°F / 35-40°C


  • Forehead Temperature Monitor
  • Temperature Screening 
  • Self Applied- Adhesive Backed
  • Read at a Distance
  • No Staff - Patient Contact
  • Maintains Social Distancing
  • Disposable, Latex Free
  • Made in the USA

To Read  

 1. Remove backing liner and apply monitor to center of forehead, just above eyebrows. Skin surface should be clean and dry.

 2. Read monitor when the boxes stop changing color (generally 15 seconds), and while still on the forehead.

 3. Green indicates the correct temperature; if green does not appear, the temperature is between blue and tan..

 Please see IFU047 for complete instructions for use.

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