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Smartphone App Captures & Records Pass / Fail Data For Dishwasher Disinfection Temperature Labels 


Thermocapture®DL is a personalized self-adhering, waterproof, color-changing label that measures the surface temperature of dishware in dishwashers.  Using Thermocapture® DL on a dish surface with each wash cycle will indicate that the proper dishwasher temperature has been reached for sanitation.

Thermocapture® App will photograph the irreversible temperature label capturing your information including the pass/fail color change and upload data and images to your password protected web page.


Section 4.7 of the Food Code calls for measuring sanitized food contact surfaces and utensils by an irreversible registering indicator.

Place cursor over Part # to view product image:

 Item #  Description Temperature Packaging Size
P9029 NDP25
Single Temperature Point Strip
160ºF - 71ºC
25 / pack
1/2"x 1 3/4"


  • Waterproof, irreversible label  provide proof that sanitizing temperature has been reached
  • Labels change from silver to black, permanently, when the temperature has been reached
  • Label with QR code identifies label, temperature, pass/ fail results and location
  • Proof for HACCP Compliance
  • Accurate to ±3ºF of rated temperature
  • Standard and Custom Labels

 Simple Set Up:

  • Stock label or we create a label to your specifications
  • Download App for any Smartphone, Available from Apple or Google Play
  • We send you an invite code
  • Register Company and Label with Invite Code
  • Create a secure password

 Ready to Go:

  • Affix label to dish and run through a wash cycle
  • Photograph label with App at the end of cycle
    • Capture QR code identifier
    • App qualifies it as pass or fail (label will turn from silver to black indicating pass)
    • Stores recorder data/image for client access

That’s it data is stored on your smartphone and on your password protected page, where images and data can be viewed or downloaded for validation purposes!


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