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Dishwasher Temperature Strips

Thermostrip®DS is a single use irreversible color changing indicator strip that tests the temperature of the water in your dishwasher and is designed to be dated, initialed and affixed to the wash batch record. Slotted strips insure that the indicator is secured on to a utensil or tray, reducing the risk of the strip falling off during a wash cycle yet easily removed and attached to the batch record.

Section 4.7 of the Food Code calls for measuring sanitized food contact surfaces and utensils by an irreversible registering indicator.

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 Item #  Description Temperature Packaging Size
P9029 NDP25
Test Your Water
Single Temperature Point Strip
Dishwashing Temperature Strips
160ºF - 71ºC
25 / pack
4" x 0.5"
P9030 NDP25
Dishwasher Strip
Single Temperature Point Strip
Is Your Water Hot Enough?
180ºF - 82ºC
25 / pack
4" x 0.5"


  • Waterproof, irreversible strips provide proof that sanitizing temperature has been reached
  • Labels change from blue-black to bright orange, permanently, when the temperature has been reached
  • Remove and retain as a permanent record of temperature attained
  • Proof for HACCP Compliance
  • Accurate to ±3ºF of rated temperature


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