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Temperature Labels


Thermax Standard sample

Thermax Standard Portfolio

Thermax Standard Portolio products offer irreversible temperature recording to help monitor the highest temperature reached. These are self adhesive labels that change in color from silver to black. Options include: level strips, mini strips, encapsulated indicators, level micro strips and clock indicators.

Thermostrip DC  

Thermostrip Drying and Curing

Thermostrip DC is a highly accurate heat temperature indicator designed for use within a drying, curing, laminating or bonding process. These temperature strips are perfect for web and laminating presses, monitoring UV ink reactions, and during plastic laminating and textile processing to provide evidence of attained temperature.

Circuit Breaker monitor  

Thermostrip Circuit Breaker Monitor

This circuit breaker or electrical componment monitor provides continuous monitoring without the need of batteries. These adhesive backed monitors permanently change to alert of circuit breaker temperature excursion.

Thermostrip Dishwater label on plates  

Thermostrip Dishwasher Label

Thermostrip DL labels confirm that sanitizing water temperatures were reached during a dish washing cycle. Using these labels on each wash cycle will ensure the proper sanitation temperature has been reached. These labels provide an easy method of record-keeping. 

Digitemp SC

Digitemp Easy Read

Digitemp Easy Read thermometers provide a signal color indicator or current temperature. This product line is available in three sizes.

Digitemp sample  

Digitemp Standard Portfolio

Save time and money with their easy-to-read displays and accurate readings. Track and monitor temperatures easily with the DIGI-TEMP temperature indicators. Choose from a variety of levels as well as both vertical and horizontal styles. These self-adhesive models allow for easy application on almost every surface.

Thermochromic Sheets & Films  

Digitemp Thermochromic Sheets and Film

Thermochromic Sheets provide color change when temperature increases or decreases. These sheets or films are perfect for promotional products, educational purposes, thermal mapping or research.

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