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Feverscan Forehead Thermometer Strips

Continuous Digital Temperature Event Monitoring For The Perioperative Environment. These liquid crystal thermometers are to be used on the forehead area only and are used to estimate the core body temperature. This is an ideal way to check for temperature changes.  These strips are meant to be used as an unbreakable, quick reading device to be used between clinical thermometer readings and to monitor trends. 


  • Forehead Temperature Monitor
  • Hospital and Home Use
  • Temperature Screening
  • Monitor Trend During Transport
  • Watch for Hypo / Hyperthermia
  • Pre and Post-Op Surveillance
  • Disposable, Reusable, Latex Free

Use and application

When applying the reusable Feversan place on the center of the forehead, just above the eyebrows. Hold in place until the color stops changing and read the indicator while it is still on the head. Note that environmental temperature can influence the performance of this product. Clean between each use by wiping clean with soap and water (do not soak). 

If using the disposable digital version of this thermometer follow these steps. Remove backing, apply to center of the forehead. Read indicator when color stops changing. Discard after use. 

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