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Thermographic Liquid Crystal Thermometer Combined with QR Code

October 07, 2013

Glenview IL - Tinker & Rasor a leading design, developer and manufacturer of electronic inspection equipment and reference electrodes was looking for a novel way to alert users to the necessity of correcting voltage readings for ambient temperature and supply the inspector with support documentation necessary to help with a temperature correction. No easy task since the reference material is several pages long.

Tinker and Rasor came to LCR Hallcrest with the idea of capitalizing on the ubiquitous smartphone. They were looking for a low cost thermometer that would provide continuous temperature of a half- cell (used in electrochemistry) and a QR code so in the event of a temperature excursion the user could access support documentation via the smartphones QR code reader.

LCR Hallcrest created a liquid crystal thermometer with an integrated QR code in a size and shape that meets user requirements. This Tinker and Rasor temperature label will give the user an indication of the temperature of the reference electrode body, allowing for a determination if temperature correction should be of concern. Support documentation is available via the QR code on the temperature label to help in this determination.

"This dual use custom temperature label is what we do at LCR Hallcrest comments Vinnie Sapienza Hallcrest Sales. Just bring us your idea and we will bring it to life.

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