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Raw Material Change Notice: Thermax® Labels with a Modified Acrylic Comparative Analysis and Performance Test

December 02, 2013

A new Tesa adhesive consisting of a modified acrylic with increased humidity resistance and improved peel adhesion will be introduced over the next several months for all standard Thermax labels with Temperatures 177°C and above. This transition will occur over the next 12 months and labels with the new adhesive will be identified with a "G" prefix to the lot number.

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Adhesive Specification Comparison:
  Tesa 4959
"C" Prefix
Tesa 68644
"G" Prefix
Adhesive Modified Acrylic Modified Acrylic
Carrier Non-Woven Fabric Non-Woven Fabric
Adhesive + Carrier Thickness 100µ 100µ
Release Liner Thickness 71µ 71µ
Peel Adhesion
Stainless Steel (20min @ RT)
Stainless Steel (after 14 days)
620 N/m
750 N/m
810 N/m
940 N/m
Release Liner Glassine Glassine
Temperature Resistance Short Term 200°C
Long Term 80°C
Short Term 200°C
Long Term 80°C
Tack Very Good Very Good
Ageing Resistance Very Good Very Good
Humidity Resistance Good Very Good

Adhesive Internal Test Result Comparison:
Test Tesa 4959 Tesa 68644
Production Test Pass
(Very Good)
(Very Good)
Cold Peel Test
(No Heating)
Pass Pass
Heat Test
(Heated 160°C held 5hrs Cooled
1hr removed at room temperature)
Pass Pass
Water Test
(Samples held in Cold & Boiling
Water on various surfaces for 24hrs)
(Only for labels
rated to 160°C)
(Only for labels
rated to 160°C)
Oil Bath Test (95°C) NA
(Only for labels
rated to 160°C)
(Only for labels
rated to 160°C)
Temperature Testing Pass
(Consistent results)
(Consistent results)
Long Term Testing
(6 months)
Pass Pass
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