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New Temperature Information/ Training Site for Retail Food Storage & Display Case Monitoring Indicators

March 06, 2017

Glenview, IL – March 6, 2017 –  LCR Hallcrest is pleased to publish a new temperature indicator information/ training website for Safetemp™, the company’s proprietary system of temperature monitors for hot and cold retail food display cases, that fits into existing shelf channels and is designed to complement centralized electronic temperature management systems without power or maintenance. The Safetemp digital system alerts staff to localized (within cold, freezer & hot display cases) temperature excursions immediately allowing for rapid remedy. 

Safetemp is a continuous dormant monitor that activates when temperature is not correct and reverses once the temperature excursion has been corrected. The Safetemp system consists of 5 activation temperatures ranging from 0 to 145F and 3 sizes designed to monitor temperature in most food display cases, walk in coolers and freezers. Safetemp is black at the correct temperature, lighting up graphically to indicate a rated temperature has been breached.  

 The Safetemp system is an inexpensive passive monitoring system that supports a HACCP culture, reduces spoilage, improves customer safety and engages staff with temperature management. The system requires minimal maintenance and staff training

 The new information/ training site answers the questions as to why they should be used, how temperature indicators work and where they should be placed. Information is easy to read and includes text, images, illustrations and videos designed to engage audiences. A series of training questions summarizing the system can be completed online and submitted to verify that training has occurred.

 The system has been installed in a European based multinational grocery chain with great success and we believe this new information/ training site will facilitate introduction into North America.” comments Scott Szafraniec, National Sales Manager, LCR Hallcrest. 

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