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Raw Material Change Notification – Low Temperature Irreversible Labels Adhesive

September 30, 2016

 Due to improvements made by our adhesive supplier with the release liner the following change notification has been implemented on our low temperature range of irreversible temperature labels switching from Avery FT7025 to FT7026 adhesive.

 The improvement is only to the release liner and the carrier and adhesive on both sides of the adhesive tape will remain the same. Main points are:

 1)    White paper in the center of the release liner is changing to a higher quality white paper

 2)    Back of the release liner will be printed with Avery logo. This only affects the back of the release liner

 3)    The PE and silicone release coating facing the label will remain the same

 The changes will have no effect on the working performance of the irreversible temperature labels as the adhesive and carrier is exactly the same. However, improvements should be seen with the cut of the labels (reducing of cuts into the release liner) and also the printed side of the release liner has less static which aids handling and cleanliness.

 Adhesive Specification Comparison:



Avery FT7025

Avery FT7026


Modified Acrylic

Modified Acrylic


White Polyester

White Polyester

Release Liner

PE protected paper coated with silicone release layer-no print

PE protected paper coated with silicone release layer – printed with red Avery logo on reverse

Total Thickness



Adhesive + Carrier Thickness



Release Liner Thickness



Peel Adhesion

Stainless Steel (20min @ RT)

750 N/m

750 N/m

Holding Power

2.2 PSI (1”x1” 1000g) @ RT

≥ 100 min

≥ 100 min


FT7026 Avery adhesive will be phased in over the next six to twelve months and is easily identified by the red Avery print on the reverse.

 About LCR Hallcrest:  The company is the leading international manufacturer of “SMART” color and chemical changing labels, thermometers, pigments and graphics that react to environmental and temperature fluctuations, providing visible evidence of change and measurement with in-house design, development and manufacturing capability.                    


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