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LCR Hallcrest Launches Research Initiative to Advance Liquid Crystal Microencapsulation Production

August 05, 2015

Glenview, IL – August 5, 2015 -   LCR Hallcrest, the acknowledged leader in Liquid Crystal microencapsulation and product manufacturing, is pleased to announce an initiative to improve liquid crystal microencapsulation. Microencapsulation is the process whereby liquid crystals are surrounded by a continuous wall of polymeric material. The resulting microcapsule consists of two phases. An internal phase which is the liquid crystals that produce the thermochromic effect and the external phase which is the protective shell that protects the hard to use unsealed liquid crystals, converting them to an easier to use form.

 The company has launched a research and development effort designed to improve production efficiency and color transition accuracy by creating a more uniform molecule size. LCR Hallcrest has identified Porous Glass Membrane Emulsification or Continuous Coacervation as an exciting technique that will significantly increase production speeds and improves color change accuracy. Initial bench testing and heart beat studies have been very promising. The company is now in the process of testing and validating the manufacturing process.        

 LCR Hallcrest liquid crystal thermometers and products are the industry standard for temperature stimulated color change and it is expected that this improvement will further distance the company from the competition and raise the bar for the quality and production of microencapsulated liquid crystals and associated products.  

 “LCR Hallcrest has been the frontrunner in the microencapsulation of liquid crystals for some time” comments Rocky Sapienza, VP Operations “and will continue to advance the science in this area. Clients come to us looking for solutions; improving accuracy and efficiency allows us to offer the next level of possible answers.”   

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