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Temperature, Water & UV Light Activated Color Change Indicators

 Coronavirus Update  Hands Free Temperature Screening

  LCRHallcrest’s Clinitrend® and Feverscan® reusable and disposable forehead thermometers were successfully used worldwide during the SARS epidemic to check for fevers in schools, offices, homes and at airports. LCR Hallcrest’s forehead fever thermometers are again in high demand.

Made in the USA, suitable for adults and children, these fever thermometers are quick and easy to use. Simply place or have the patient affix, one against a person’s forehead and read the thermometer scale after 15 seconds.  Symptoms of this new Coronavirus include fever and coughing with an incubation period, before symptoms appear, of 2 to 14 days after exposure.

Leading, Innovator in the Design, Development and Manufacturing of Smart Test & Measurement Labels, Thermometers, Chemical Indicators, Pigments, Inks and Coatings that Change Color when Exposed to Temperature, UV Light and Environmental or Process Fluctuations.

Our company primarily services the industrial, manufacturing, packaging and healthcare temperature measurement markets with products distributed through Reseller, Private Label, and OEM channels. We offer an extensive portfolio of standard products supplemented by a full custom manufacturing service, including interactive print and promotion branding.

Assorted temperature indicator products

Temperature Monitoring Labels

Thermax temperature strips & Digitemp indicators are the industry standard for industrial irreversible and reversible thermometer labels accompanied with complete private label services.

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Variety of forehead thermometer styles

Healthcare Thermometer Strips

Our company is the leading supplier of Forehead Temperature Thermometers for Surgical Patients, Disinfection and Cleaning Assurance Labels and Drug Testing Temperature Labels.

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Assortment of flat, printable thermometer options

Custom/Private Label

Reversible, Irreversible, Thermochromic and Liquid Crystal Technology can be combined to create unique custom temperature, light, pressure and water driven color change temperature indicators, thermal labels and graphic solutions.

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Selection of food safety temperature monitoring tools

Food Safety, Sanitation & Disinfection Indicators

Dishwasher Disinfection, Retail Food Safety and Cold Chain Monitoring Temperature Labels are available as stock items with a manufacturing process designed to fulfill your private label needs.

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Assortment of colorful toys and food service items

Color Change Pigments, Masterbatch & Coatings

Thermochromic and Liquid Crystal effects are available with a wide range of activation temperatures and colors in a variety of combinations. Photochromic ink jumps to life when activated by UV light. Standard and Custom Products available.

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LCR Hallcrest products are distributed through Reseller, Private Label and OEM Channels

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Serving Worldwide Markets from North America and Europe

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