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SafetempTM Retail Temperature Monitoring System for Hot and Cold Food Display Cases

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Thermax® Labels with a Modified Acrylic Comparative Analysis and Performance Test

Thermographic Liquid Crystal Thermometer Combined with QR Code

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Thermometry Distributors

  • Sharn Anesthesiasharn
    Supplies Anesthesia related consumables and patient monitoring products for Healthcare

  • DryPakdrypak
    Full service provider of modified atmospheric packaging products for extending product shelf life

  • Cole Parmercole_parmer
    Supplies laboratory and fluid handling products, instruments and supplies

  • McMaster Carrmcmaster
    Supplies products used to maintain manufacturing and commercial

  • Omegaomega
    Supplies / manufacturers industrial measurement and control products

  • Telatemptelatemp
    Manufacturer of temperature and humidity devices for process, transit and
    storage applications

  • Tip Temptip
    Markets devices that monitor and guard temperature sensitive
    products and environments

  • LA-CO Industries (Tempil Brand)tempil
    Manufacturer of chemical and process temperature indicators for sterilization
    and metal fabrication

Thermochromic Product Manufacturers

  • Chameleonchameleon
    Manufactures temperature sensitive color –changing flexible sheet

  • Visual Foot Carevisual_footcare
    Provides systems for identifying, monitoring and preventing lower extremity problems in diabetic patients


Water based gravure and offset

  • Inland Labelinland
    Label supplier for the beverage, food and consumer products markets

Textile Screen - Photochromic

  • BC Supplybc
    Leading supplier to the textile screen printing industry

UV Flexo and UV Screen

  • WS Packagingws
    Specializes in packaging challenges offering printing, construction, finishing
    and packaging

Solvent based Gravureamcor

  • Amcor
    Multinational packaging leader

Epoxy Screen

  • Custom Decocustomdeco
    Market leader in decorated tabletop products- drinkware

Wide Format Screen

Specialty Ink, Dye, and MB Distributors

  • TECMAhh
    A leading supplier of specialty dyes and Pigments into the Mexican and
    South American Markets



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