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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thermochromic Ink Creates Interactive Temperature Reactive Magazine Advertisement


Glenview IL – February 1, 2013 - An interactive advertisement: LCR Hallcrest's thermochromic inks were successfully and creatively used as part of an Age UK advertisement for the charity's ongoing 'Spread the Warmth' winter campaign this year.

The interactive advertisement appeared on the front cover of The Telegraph's Saturday Magazine asking its readers to: 'Touch the six blacked out areas to raise the temperature of our cover'

Featuring the actress Lynda Bellingham, six areas on the front of the magazine were covered with LCR Hallcrest's black heat sensitive thermochromic inks which when touched by the reader revealed an image beneath connected to important information and advice within six key areas.

With far too many older people struggling through the Winter months this interactive use of LCR Hallcrest's temperature sensitive inks helped create awareness of the advertisement which highlighted the problems which the elderly face each year and Age UK's charitable support, advice and tips and funding which is available not just at Winter but throughout the year.

Age UK's Spread the Warmth campaign is helping vulnerable older people to keep warm, safe and well during the cold winter months.

Every winter, more than 200 older people die every day from preventable causes. Help stop the cold weather causing more needless deaths.

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LCR Hallcrest is the International leader in Color Changing Temperature Indicating Technology and Graphics specializes in the micro-encapsulation of liquid crystal compounds and the development/manufacturing of products, inks, dyes and paints that change color.

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