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NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Thermosmart® Color Kit by Janice VanCleave Featuring Touch Temperature Color Change Labels


Glenview, IL – January 6, 2013 - LCR Hallcrest is pleased to release for sale a unique approach to science education featuring thermochromic color changing labels. Janice VanCleave has published over 50 books which show that science is fun and exciting! A former school teacher, she has taught science in public schools, science method courses in college and presented science curriculum development programs for numerous districts and organizations. Janice's books appeal to kids, parents and teachers because she has a unique way of mixing science with fun.

This color kit is a collection of science investigations designed to show you that even complex science concepts can be broken down into bite-size pieces that are easy to understand. These investigations incorporate a color change driven by temperature designed to engage and connect the student with the subject creating a colorful engaging learning experience.

Science becomes a fun hands-on experience!

The labels used in this kit change color in response to temperature fluctuations. Students of all ages will have fun performing the "magic-like" investigations as they learn about changes in leaf pigments.

The Teaching Tips for each unit provide FACTS AND CLUES to engage and prepare students for the hands-on-experiments. The investigations are sequential "bites" of information students can easily understand.

With this collection of science knowledge, students will be able to relate the color changing thermochromic labels to the color changes in autumn leaves from green to yellow and red.

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