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Thermochromic and Photochromic Ink Test Kits



Glenview, IL – April 1, 2012 - LCR Hallcrest is pleased to announce the availability of three thermochromic/photochromic ink test kits that will allow you to immediately create stunning thermal or UV (usually sun) activated visual effects. Each kit contains three different colors and a userfs guide that will have the user producing interactive graphics in a matter of minutes. These water based screen ink kits are easy to apply with a brush or stamp and easy to clean up, all that is required is a little mixing and imagination. LCR Hallcrest will offer two thermochromic temperature and one photochromic UV activated ink kits.
  1. Touch / heat activated (29°C/84°F) thermochromic ink will vanish when rubbed or touched to reveal an image or another color painted or printed beneath it. Think hidden message!
  2. Cold activated (15°C/59°F) thermochromic ink is used on packaging to create a clear to color change when cooled. Beverage glass!
  3. Photochromic Ink will change from clear to color when activated by UV light usually from the sun or a black light. These inks are basically clear indoors and burst into vibrant colors outdoors, move inside and the colors become clear.

Kits are standardized but numerous color and temperature combinations are available.

Perfect for the student wishing to experiment with interactive graphics, the printer exploring creative printing options or the marketing professional looking to test the impact of graphics that communicate!

Complete product information including a comprehensive user's guide can be downloaded at Kits are available at

For Information Contact:
Phone: 847.998.8580

LCR Hallcrest is the International leader in Color Changing Temperature Indicating Technology and Graphics specializes in the micro-encapsulation of liquid crystal compounds and the development/manufacturing of products, inks, dyes and paints that change color.

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